People don’t know what they want

KPI: Unique Leads – Increase conversion via lead form or calling the phone numbers.

Traffic type: SEO


First Round of Brainstorming cro design phase one cro design phase one cro design phase one cro design phase one cro design phase one


Experiment #1

Control: Large orange arrow (I thought was alarming.)

Variation 1:  More emphasis of the phone number and contrasts the phone OR form option.

Variation 2: Strong visual of communities to show what you get access to.


Both v1 and v2 Lost!

Data Story:

  • Not as many users engaged with this top widget as we thought.
  • Majority of users scrolled more than 50% down the page.
  • Because of the lack of engagement from ABF content and click of the “Learn More” button we concluded… People don’t know what they want yet.

What now?

New Hypothesis: We can increase conversion by showing how simple it can be to let APFM help you. At this point in the experience users don’t know what they want.


  • Added filter widget after 4th community that asks for location, mile radius, room type and budget
  • Creates engagement, confidence, educates users, and explains how we can help.

More Brainstorming:

Winning Design

+9%When tested after the 4th community.
+28%When tested ABF replacing the origional lead form.
Not only was this a big win but it validated the new hypothesis coming out of the first loss. Engagement only went up 1% which means we converted the same users that were otherwise clicking around and “didn’t know what they wanted”.

People don't know what they want?

Second experiment to run on a brand new page type.

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Logo Design

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